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Brides-to-be, is your wedding budget running on empty? Are you trying to save for a dream honeymoon to the Bahamas? Have you been forced to invite thirteen long-lost cousins you’ve never met, leaving you feeling a little pinched?


It’s important to realize that financial stress will find you during the wedding planning process. With the exception of bridezillas, most brides desire to remain within budget, but they struggle with the fear of appearing cheap. Finding ways to stretch a budget is almost a rite of passage for brides; here’s a quick guide on how you can cut corners. I promise, know one will know.



Look for wedding invitations on e-marketplaces rather than larger sites. Most of these designers run home-based businesses; smaller shops have no overhead, which allows them to offer quality invitations at a much lower price.


To save money, also pass on the thermography text option on your invitations. Thermography text is raised on the card, and this can be very attractive. But let’s get real—flat printing is just as elegant, and definitely cheaper.



Obviously, the meal at the reception represents a huge cost. Opt out of additional decorative items, such as ice sculptures. Who needs those? People will remember your dress, not the carved-ice unicorn surrounded by hearts.


Choose a small display wedding cake to use in pictures (like that adorable shot of the bride stuffing cake into the groom’s face). Then, have a regular sheet cake in the back for guests. No one will realize where their piece came from.


Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is a difficult thing to cut back on – everyone wants to look like a rock star on their wedding day. However, the dress can be the most expensive thing in your entire budget. There’s always the option of renting a dress for the big day. This trend is becoming popular because it’s so affordable – and you don’t have to stress about getting the gown cleaned afterward.


If you’re not superstitious, check out e-marketplaces and high-end thrift shops for dresses. Many women are now selling their wedding dresses after divorce for unbelievable prices.



Examine each detail of your wedding to discover places to easily cut back costs. (You think people will notice the monogrammed napkins, but they won’t.) For example, if you can’t afford a photographer, rent a high-end camera and ask a reliable family member to take pictures. Some couples leave disposable cameras on each reception table so guests can take candid – and fun – photos for them. (These will be the moments you truly treasure!)


Finally, a simple plan for cutting costs is to schedule your wedding for a Friday evening or a Sunday. Saturdays are the most popular days and, consequently, the most expensive.


It’s true that subtly planning a cheap wedding calls for dedication and great attention to detail – and some truly inventive ideas. But it’s all worth it once you’re lying on the beach in the Bahamas, with money in the bank.

Jackie Asta is the founder and owner of Wedding Bliss Lane, and RSVP Custom Creations. She has been in the wedding/event industry for 4 years designing invitations. With the knowledge she gained working in the invitation design business, Jackie launched Wedding Bliss Lane, an e-marketplace dedicated solely to the wedding industry.


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  • Nice post & definitely it would work if followed properly.Cutting cost s is easy if you are getting services from one vendor, Kudosmusic is one stop shop for all wedding services.visit to get it now!

  • Gretchen

    Great tips. I’m planning my wedding now and thought I’d add a couple ideas.

    Friday and Sunday are saving options, but don’t forget about the season! I opted for a February wedding, which is in the off season, so I’m saving tons on my reception. Plus, I’m escaping the heat and humidity 🙂

    Also, combine your favor with an interactive aspect of the reception (i.e candy buffets, photo booth – guests take home their own photo). You don’t have to do both! You can always print a little card for each place setting to inform the guests of the photo booth, candy buffet, etc.

    Save the Dates: Do a postcard! I designed my own and uploaded design to Vistaprint. It was super cheap and plus, the postage is cheaper! They were less than 60 cents each, including postage. Quality was extremely professional. I’ve gotten great feedback.

    Oh. And by doing my own invitations, I’m cutting that cost by more than 50 percent.

    Also, sometimes a seated dinner is actually cheaper than a buffet (depending on the venue), because the kitchen doesn’t have to over estimate.

  • These are great tips. My best advice is putting a budget together and sticking to it.

  • Smaller shops as you noted is the best way to go for invitations. I found some great deals on Etsy.

  • Jennifer Tonin

    Love these ideas and tips!! I have found some great finds on Wedding Bliss Lane ( The best thing about Wedding Bliss Lane is that it is all about weddings and not about everything else plus weddings.

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