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How to Avoid Pre-Wedding Stress

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The key to having less stress while wedding planning starts within! From self-care and minimizing distractions, to developing organizational habits, these tips will help you avoid stress while planning your wedding!


While many posts on our site are about color schemes, décor, and diy projects for your wedding, this post is going to be about the most important aspect of wedding planning: taking care of yourself!

In short, wedding planning can be overwhelming.  The balance of wedding planning and the rest of your life is virtually non-existent, speaking from experience of course. You’re eating, sleeping, and breathing weddings, whether consciously or not.  You think about your never-ending to-do list while in the shower, making dinner, and even while out on dates with your fiancé.

While overwhelming, wedding planning is also magical. Here it is, the day we’ve thought about since we were little girls. It is so important to keep the magic with you along with the stress if only to help maintain a good perspective.

Too much stress and worry can turn any gal into a frazzled version of her normally cool self. Remember, we want to be less Bridezilla, more Bridechilla.

Here are a few tips that will help maintain your chill leading up to the big day!

Somewhere along the wedding planning process, you may find yourself running around like a madwoman. If you neglect to take any time for yourself between working, planning a wedding, and regular life stuff, you may find yourself in the midst of burnout. You’ll be a much calmer and happier person when you take a personal time out here and there.

Find whatever works best for you in terms of ways to de-stress during wedding planning. Whether it’s getting in a session at the gym, taking a bubble bath, or even adopting a new beauty ritual leading up to the big day can give you those self-love vibes you need to stay sane.

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#2. Stop looking at countdowns

When you first get engaged it is tempting to make a countdown somewhere in your life that ticks down until “the big day.” It’s a totally understandable and seemingly fun thing to do. For most brides, it starts out as this super exciting tracker for how soon you get to marry the love of your life. But somewhere along the way those countdowns stop being exciting and become a source of stress and worry.

Once the countdown reaches the double digits, it may as well be a pressure cooker timer. Stick to your regular calendar, and be sure to reference a thorough wedding planning timeline. A good wedding planning timeline gives you an action plan and tasks to check off to keep you on track. When you’re organized, there’s no need to stress about how many days you have left until the big day.

#3. Date night

Oh right, there’s that person you are walking down the aisle with! Just because you’re planning one of the most romantic days in your life doesn’t mean all other romance must stop. For fun, hit up some of your old stomping grounds to reminisce of a time when you didn’t talk about floral arrangements (unless you did that before… because that’s cool too.)

Making time to connect with your partner is so crucial in the midst of wedding planning if only to remind you what this whole big event is all about! Come up with some low-key budget-friendly date ideas to make time to intentionally connect while sticking to your wedding savings plan.

#4. Organize yourself

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is staying focused. It is so easy to want to try to do everything all at the same time, but that is obviously not very productive. Take a look at your Planning Timeline and break down your monthly tasks into groups to be done weekly.

If you finish your weekly task early, reward yourself with #1 or squeeze in an extra #3! And of course, be organized in how you track your spending as well. The key to not going over budget is to track everything! Be sure to keep your spreadsheets up to date with current expenses so you know where you stand.

#5. Take time to remember what you’re doing

Don’t forget, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! It’s amazing, and easy to lose sight of once headcounts and addressing invitations rolls around. The most important part about all this planning is that you are marrying the love of your life, and what is a better reward than that?

A fun exercise to work on whenever stress starts boiling up is to make a gratitude list. All you need to do is make a list of things you are thankful for in your life, your partner, your wedding plans, etc. Getting yourself back into a positive headspace about everything will make you calmer and less worried about all those pesky planning tasks you’ve got left to tackle.

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By staying mindful and present and positive, we can all plan beautiful weddings without unnecessary drama and stress!

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