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How to Celebrate Your Postponed Wedding Day

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celebrate a postponed wedding

Many brides and grooms are facing tough decisions right now when it comes to their wedding day. We are in awe of the optimism and positivity that this community is showing to one another, and the way we are choosing LOVE during this time. We hope this post inspires you to get creative and choose to focus on celebrating love, even if the official celebration has been postponed.

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celebrate a postponed wedding

Celebrate Now and Later with these Unique Ideas

While postponing your wedding might seem like a big disappointment, there are definitely some silver linings to be found. Don’t let your original date come and go without marking its importance with a mini celebration with your partner.

While you’ll definitely have to wait longer to marry the love of your life, it’s important to keep your eye on the prize. After all, the best things in life are worth waiting for. Check out these ideas for how to celebrate your postponed wedding on the original wedding date.

Officially Set the New Wedding Date

Of course, you’ve probably already thought a ton about this date as your new official anniversary. Now your challenge is to wrap your head around the new date to look forward to. Our recommendation is to find a way to be ceremonious about setting that new date. Whether that includes creating and sending a “change the date” announcement to your guests or doing a craft project with your new date on it, do something a little fun and creative to mark that new official wedding date!

Take a walk down memory lane

Reminisce on your times together thus far with your partner. Talk about old times and look back on old photos of your relationship. (Hint: if most of those photos are digital, now’s a great time to order some prints! We love Social Print Studio and Artifact Uprising for photo prints.)

Exchange love notes

Write your partner a note sharing how excited you still are (and will be) to marry them on your new date. Instead of seeing this postponement as a sad thing, use it as an opportunity to fall even deeper in love. Let them know how much you appreciate their presence and support amidst all of this craziness, and that there’s no one else you’d rather be quarantined with forever! ? Think of this as an exercise in vow-writing!

Have a romantic meal together

Get out of those sweatpants you’ve been sheltering in place in and get yourself dolled up for an at-home date night! Plan a romantic dinner by candlelight or put together a sweet picnic you can enjoy right in your own backyard. You truly don’t need much besides each other’s company to make a magical evening. Whether you tag-team a meal-delivery kit together or order takeout from your favorite local spot, try to make it something a little special and out-of-the-norm to mark the momentous should-have-been occasion.

Mix up a celebratory cocktail

Planning to serve a signature cocktail at your wedding reception? Mix up a couple of beverages and raise a glass to your future together. Share a toast with your dreams for your wedding day and your wishes for your relationship during this bonus-engagement period.

Dance it out

If there’s one way to brighten your mood on an otherwise somber occasion, it’s dancing! Put on your favorite Spotify playlist or fire up your reception playlist and bust a move. Feeling romantic? Try a slow dance to your first dance song. Talk about heart-melting! Make it extra fun by setting up a Zoom or Facetime with your closest loved ones to dance with you!

Plan (or re-plan) your honeymoon

Use this downtime to think or re-think about your post-wedding vacation! Do extra research to find some amazing places to visit and activities to experience on your dream honeymoon trip. Now’s also a great time to add a Honeymoon Fund to your registry if you want to make your trip extra fabulous!

Can’t wait? Have a virtual wedding!

If you decide you just want to go ahead and get hitched, you can easily plan a virtual wedding in the comfort of your own home. Check out our post on how to set up an amazing virtual wedding!

Inspiration to Celebrate Your Postponed Wedding on the Original Date

Want to see how one special couple chose to celebrate their wedding day, even though they had to postpone their celebration? Follow along with Leandro and Alena as they celebrate their postponed wedding day! We hope this inspires you to make the most of your original wedding date, even if you’ve decided to wait longer to officially say “I do!”

How to Celebrate a Postponed Wedding Day!

Inspired by Leandro and Alena, whose wedding was supposed to take place on April 4, 2020!

Step 1:

Put on your bridal swag. Whether you were planning to wear a bridal robe or cute PJs– put on something that makes you feel pampered and special.

Celebrating a postponed wedding

Step 2:

Start out with a yummy breakfast. Mimosas and waffles anyone? Spend the early part of the day enjoying time with your partner. Talk about what you’re most looking forward to about your eventual wedding day!

Celebrating a postponed wedding

Step 3:

Stamp and seal your “change the dates” or create a piece of wedding decor with your new date on it to ceremoniously signify your original date change. Gotta get used to that new date as your official wedding anniversary, so get creative about it!

Celebrating a postponed wedding

Step 4:

Get glammed up with your soon-to-be spouse! Ditch those sweatpants and dress up a bit. Fix your hair and makeup– whatever makes you feel your best.

Celebrating a postponed wedding

Step 5:

Spend some time Facetiming with your family and friends to help beat the social-distancing blues. This will help you feel more connected with the community who loves you, and would’ve been there celebrating with you!

Step 6:

Enjoy a romantic dinner together. Make a homecooked meal, order a meal-kit to cook together, or order delivery from your favorite local restaurant for a little something special.

Celebrating a postponed wedding

Step 7:

Have FUN! Take some selfies, dance together to your first dance song, whatever makes you feel connected and festive.

Celebrating a postponed wedding

Step 8:

Cut a cake! Get a cute miniature cake for you and your soon-to-be spouse to cut and cram in each other’s faces if you so choose.

Celebrating a postponed wedding


Love conquers all! At the end of the day, you will marry the love of your life and it will *definitely* be worth the wait!

Will you celebrate your postponed wedding on your original wedding day?

We hope this inspires you to take the time to celebrate your original wedding date, even if you’ve decided to postpone your wedding day.


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