Paper Scroll Garland

Well, I did it. I DIY'd. The bride who only planned to DIY her cake. But I didn't do it alone! Oh, no! I enlisted the help of my maid of honor/BFF, and, eventually, my fiance.

A few weeks back, while looking for wedding decor inspiration in Pinterest, I came across this DIY tutorial for colorful Anthropologie-inspired scroll garland. The tutorial seemed really easy to follow, and after pricing out the colored card stock that I needed (recycled, of course!) at a few local stationery stores and online, trying this on my own seemed like a great budget-friendly decor option.

I started by getting the MOH, the lovely Francesca, on board and psyched. Then, I purchased my supplies.

Heavyweight paper/card stock, scissors, stapler/staples and a glue stick... I could TOTALLY hand this!

Heavyweight paper/card stock, scissors, paper clips, stapler/staples and a glue stick… I could TOTALLY hand this!

Armed with the tutorial, Francesca and I got to work. We took a few liberties with the instructions, though. Sans paper cutter (it was far too heavy to borrow and lug home from work!), we took each sheet of 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock (another deviation from the directions… whoops), folded lengthwise, cut, folded again, cut again. So each strip for the garland was more like 2 1/2″ or so wide, rather than the suggested 1 1/2″. No biggie.

Francesca in the folding/cutting groove.

Francesca in the folding/cutting groove. (Hi, Fran!)

After we had our strips ready, we got down to business looping and stapling and DIY'ing. But things were looking a little… off? Yes, off. We looped some more. But still… the garland looked less like garland and more like strips of paper stapled to other strips of paper. Shoddy workmanship at best.

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We shook our heads. I grabbed my laptop and swiftly went to Etsy to search for someone who could just make it for me (I told you I wasn't cut out for this!). And then, it happened.

My fiancΓ©, who up until that point was drafting his 40th team on Madden '13 and amusing himself with our antics, says “give me that!” Then Matt does something I never thought I'd see in a thousand years… he crafted! And you know what? He totally schooled us on making paper scroll garland.

My love, gettin' crafty with it.

My love, gettin' crafty with it.

A man of many talents! Following his careful direction of “it's not like it's that hard!” Francesca and I were reinvigorated and owned that paper scroll garland like it was… something we owned?

Throughout the rest of the weekend, I loop-de-looped that paper like a boss. And still only finished four rows. But it's coming along! Check it out:

Our paper scroll garland... four down, a zillion more to go!

Our paper scroll garland… four down, a zillion more to go!

The great thing is that now that I'm in a DIY groove, this is a super easy project to work on while watching TV, so I'm pretty confident that I can finish it before 2033… Happy DIY'ing, BSBers!

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