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Planning an Elopement? Add These 4 Elopement Companies to Your Radar

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Considering an elopement for your wedding day? Check out these four innovative companies that make tying the knot simple and stress-free!


Whether it’s on TV, in a movie, or happening in real life, we all have a certain picture in mind of what a wedding is. Many of the images of weddings we’re familiar with showcase carefully planned parties filled with details and guests from nearly every stage of the couple’s life. But is that the only kind of wedding that exists? Absolutely not. And the pandemic definitely reinforced that fact! 

Throughout 2020 (and beyond), micro weddings and elopements became celebrations of choice and for great reason. A smaller wedding day places the focus squarely on the couple and the monumental life change they’re experiencing together. There is joy in celebrating at a beautiful location that’s close to home or miles away, and there’s purpose in having fewer details (and guests in attendance.)

But there’s also a misconception about elopements, in that people often think an elopement can’t be grand. Perhaps this is because the focus of the day is placed on the wedding ceremony (aka the marriage part) rather than the reception (aka the party part.) Elopements can and should feel just as special as a wedding filled with 150 guests.

4 Elopement Planning Companies Savvy Couples Should Know About

There are actually companies who are dedicated to making sure your elopement ceremony stuns no matter the size of your soiree. Whether the celebration is just for the two of you or a select group of VIPs, an elopement planner can help bring your intimate wedding vision to life. So, today we’re highlighting four of the best elopement companies that can plan the exact wedding ceremony you’re dreaming of right by your side. 

Simply Eloped

Simply Eloped

Who they serve: Simply Eloped works with couples nationwide who want to elope together. According to their website, they’ve planned 10,000 elopements throughout the U.S. since they launched. They also have relationships with venues (and wedding professionals) at more than 260 spaces in 31 locations. Cities include Nashville, Sedona, Key West, New York City, Washington, D.C., Austin, and Charleston, S.C.

What they do: The company has already established relationships with wedding professionals in all of the locations they serve. Your first task is to choose your ideal city or destination from their list and pick a wedding date. Then, decide if it will just be the two of you at your elopement ceremony or if 20 of your closest family and friends will be joining the fun. Then you let Simply Eloped handle the rest! Your next big task will be to travel to your destination and obtain your marriage license. 

Where pricing begins: You must request a quote in order to learn about pricing. 

Why we love them: The experience of working with Simply Eloped is just like working with a wedding planner — their team handles (almost) all of the details. We love that they have relationships with teams of vendors throughout the country, and we love how many cities they work in. They also have a cool Adventure Elopement package for couples who love to explore together. 

epic elopement

Epic Elopement

Who they serve: Epic Elopement works with couples who are dreaming of getting married in select locations throughout the U.S. Their team currently operates in 10 cities across the country, including New York City, Tampa Bay, Portland (Oregon), Laguna Beach, and Aspen. 

What they do: Like other groups, rather than focusing on an entire wedding day, Epic Elopement works to help couples plan their wedding ceremonies. The most basic package includes an elopement planner from their team, an officiant, 60-minutes of photography, and a few more details. The most expensive package includes everything from the basic plan and adds cake, champagne, and a picnic reception. 

Where pricing begins: Pricing starts at $1,100. 

Why we love them: Similar to other companies, we like that they can help brides and grooms plan in a number of different cities. Further, their various packages allow you to choose the inclusions and pricepoint that’s right for the wedding ceremony you have in mind. 


Modern Elopement

Who they serve: Modern Elopement specializes in intimate weddings in Hawaii. They help brides and grooms to plan their wedding ceremonies on Kauai, Lenai, Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii (Big Island). What’s unique about this team is their 4-step planning process. 1- book your collection, 2- choose your location, 3-pick your design style, and 4-add your embellishments. The Modern Elopement team handles everything!

What they do: Working with Modern Elopement is like working with a traditional wedding planner. This Hawaiian Islands-based team does it all, just like the steps in their process suggest. They are hands-on as they help couples to choose their wedding venue, color palette, and every vendor (think: photographer, hair and makeup artists, florist, etc). Then they can continue to assist further with booking accommodations and excursions. Their goal is to create a completely lavish experience

Where pricing begins: According to their site, 2022 elopement collections begin at $7,295. It’s an investment, but it’s also Hawaii

Why we love them: Getting married on any of the islands in Hawaii should be beautiful and completely memorable. But the process of planning an elopement there can feel overwhelming because most couples live thousands of miles away. We love that the Modern Elopement team is on the ground planning complete wedding days for their couples from start to finish. The fact that they suggest accommodations and fun post-wedding excursions is amazing too!

Just Elope

Just Elope

Who they serve: Just like the homepage of their website notes, Just Elope helps brides and grooms to plan wedding ceremonies in Dallas, Texas. They can help couples to plan elopements for the two of them, or assist with planning a wedding day for the couple and up to 40 guests. Just Elope also offers officiant-only and marriage counseling services. They do it all!

What they do: Just Elope has a range of offerings. They can provide officiant services to your home or to one of the select venues they serve. Plus, they also coordinate with a team of vendors to also include your venue and photography. The key thing with Just Elope is they are not a “one-stop-shop,” which means you will need to book a hair and makeup artist, florist, transportation, etc. Also, like other companies, Just Elope is only planning your ceremony, so any post-vows plans are up to you. 

Where pricing begins: Just Elope’s packages start at $497, which includes an officiant for the location of your choice in Dallas. 

Why we love them: Rather than offering packages with a variety of teams in multiple locations, Just Elope solely works in Dallas and the surrounding areas. That means they know their hometown! They also have curated packages available at some of the best venues in Dallas. This allows you to experience a beautiful spot even though you’re not planning a huge soiree. 

Need help planning your elopement? Check out one of these companies!

As we’re certain you can tell, these elopement specialists love what they do, and they also love and value elopements! These super intimate wedding days truly focus on the couple and their wedding ceremony. And they also encourage couples to travel to beautiful locations for their celebrations. A bonus? You can choose to stay for your honeymoon!

Are you currently planning to elope? Why? What are you most excited to experience during your elopement? We can’t wait to hear more in our community!

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Need help planning your elopement? Check out these four companies.
Need help planning your elopement? Check out these four companies.
Need help planning your elopement? Check out these four companies.

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