Saying YES to the Dress

You know how I had mentioned before that everything for my wedding just seemed to fall into place? Well finding my dress wasn’t any different.

It was love at first sight and on top of that, it was on the sale rack! I had made an appointment at a little local dress shop with the thought that I wasn’t going to spend any less than $2000 (GASP!). My mom had graciously offered to pay for half of my gown so I wasn’t too worried about the cost. I was more worried about finding the one I loved… and I didn’t really know how I would know which dress was THE one.

After looking around the racks I picked a couple that I liked, my future mother-in-law picked a few, my mother picked a few, my two sisters had about 3 each that they wanted me to try, and my bestie, the previously mentioned ‘BA’ had a few of her own for me to try.

I thought I would never find one that was perfect for my big day. After trying on a few lunkers, the sales lady mentioned that they had a sales rack of discontinued styles and there it was. My dress. I knew it was the one from the minute I saw it. Just like I knew Nate was the one from the minute I saw him. I tried it on and immediately fell in love. I felt like a princess and it fit perfectly. All it needs is to be slightly hemmed. I couldn’t believe it and what was even better was that it was just over $500! I’m borrowing my mom’s veil for my wedding ceremony, so that was one less expense, and she was excited to pull our her old dress and see her veil worn again.Β  For the reception I purchased a simple headband since I saved so much on the dress.

Saying YES to the Dress

My mom’s dress! It was preserved since my parents were married in 1986!

Saying YES to the Dress

You’ll have to wait until the wedding to see the dress!

My budget savvy tip for all you brides and brides to be who are about to search for their dress… Don’t be afraid to search the sales rack. You never know what you may find! How did you know your dress was ‘The one’??

Favorite Wedding Dresses from BHLDN


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