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Pretty Purple Wedding

I just know y'all are gonna love this pretty purple wedding! It definitely has lots of rustic details, but some really great timeless ones as well. I love how the couple used DIY where they needed to add extra special touches to their day. The purple details are just to die for – how about that gorgeous cake and the chic bridesmaids dresses? Hope you love this wedding and the bride's advice for cooling it on the Pinterest front 😉 xoxo Jessica

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Whitney + Tyler

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Zanesville, OH  |  EagleSticks Golf Club



What was your budget?

Budget: $20,000

Venue: $7700

DJ: $800

Photographer: $3500

Wedding Cake: $400

Flowers: $1600

Dress and Accessories: $2000

Decorations and Misc Items: $3000


How many guests did you have?




What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

I made a lot of the decorations myself, and incorporated a lot of details that were centered around my husband and I. Some details that were really personal were: our ring bearer carried my grandmother’s Bible instead of a pillow, my headpiece was made from my mom’s wedding dress, I wore my great-grandma’s wedding band as my something borrowed, flowers were placed in memory of loved ones who had passed away, and our families were incorporated into our special day as much as possible.



What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

I knew I wanted to splurge on certain aspects, so I really wanted to save on money when it came to the decorations. The bases for our centerpieces were made by my aunt. We took wood from an old barn at my husband’s family farm so that the trays could be made. This wood was also used throughout other aspects of the wedding as well.  A majority of the mason jars were found in the basements of my mom’s, grandma’s and mother-in-law’s houses. The wine bottles were drank and then painted by my mom and me. A lot of the other décor items, came from family farms, and thrift stores. I made and then assembled a lot of the decorations and details. I shopped sales for paper, ribbon, and fabric and stocked up while it was on sale. Then I assembled the pieces on my own. I made my own programs, wedding wands, ceremony decorations, and then assembled the centerpieces for the reception.  I also bought a portion of our invitations and then assembled them and added the details that I wanted, instead of spending the hundreds of dollars that our local store wanted.



What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Limit the amount of ideas you take from Pinterest. As much as I loved Pinterest to get ideas, I think it can be very overwhelming. There are constantly new ideas and details. The day is about the love you and your spouse have for each other, some of the extreme details don’t really matter. Choose a theme and decorations, and then stick with them. And start thinking and researching how you can make items on your own. It is fun, adds more of a personal touch to your wedding, and will save you money.



What was your biggest splurge?

Our photographer. I knew from the very beginning that this would be where I spent a lot of money because in 30 years from now people aren’t going to remember the centerpieces or cake flavors. They are going to remember what has been captured in the pictures I have on display. I wanted a photographer that fit my husband’s and my personality and was willing to have fun with all of us. I am in love with our wedding pictures, and definitely made the right choice in photographers. I also splurged on some of the flowers. Since I saved so much money on our centerpieces, I was able to spend more money on beautiful and detailed flowers.



What was your favorite detail?

When planning our wedding, I wanted simple details that made our wedding feel special and simple. I wanted our wedding to be remembered, but not over the top. So it is really hard to choose my favorite detail I loved our wedding favors! They were little heart-shaped suet cakes that had a little tag with our initials on it. I also loved the area for our head table. Ivory table cloths covered with ivory lace, mason jars with the bridal party bouquets, wooden crates with our initials, burlap, and lanterns. My maid of honor assembled it, and it looked awesome! We also had guests sign a photo frame as a guest book, and I love walking past it every day in our house and reading what they wrote to us.



What is the most memorable moment of your day?

My most memorable moment is when I saw my husband for the first time. We chose to do the “First Look” that our photographer offered. It was just the two of us (besides the photographers) and we were able to let our emotions flow and not have to worry about what other’s said. We then spent an hour taking pictures with just us, and it was so special. Seeing the look and emotions on my husband’s face will always be in my head. He said later that it was hard to see me as I walked down the aisle from where he was standing, so I was glad that we had done the “First Look.”



Please also include a list of all your vendors including any website links.

Venue: EagleSticks Golf Club  //  Photographer: Harvest of Memories  //  Florist: Rooms that Bloom Florist  //  DJ: K Sound Entertainment–Kurtus Nichols  //  Bridal Gown + Bridesmaids Dresses: Universe Prom and Bridal  //  Cake Baker: Darcy’s Buttercream Dreams, Darcy Ogden





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