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One of the biggest wedding-related decisions is the venue. The location of your wedding is not only the backdrop for all of your photos, but it also plays a huge role in the tone, cost and logistics. One of the best (and free) resources I discovered while looking at wedding venues was contacting the local Visitor Information Centre of the city we are getting married in. Since we are having a pusedo-desination wedding (about 4 hours from where we live), I knew very little about the city we were getting married in. With one simple email and phone call I was sent a list of all the places that host weddings, a rough estimate of the cost of the venue and a general description of each. It was like having a free wedding planner!


Another benefit to speaking to the Information Centre was the great range of venues, some that I would not even have thought of before such as parks, vineyards, gardens, warehouses, farms and museums. You can find a venue that suits any style and budget. Some of my favorite places we saw were an organic flower farm, a local park where you can get a wedding permit for $30 and a beautifully restored warehouse space.


We booked a small family-owned vineyard in Kelowna, BC. It was far less expensive than the traditional golf course or hotels and it has that rustic-vintage vibe that I was looking for. I also like supporting a local business rather than a hotel chain.


So before you shell out money on a wedding planner look for free resources such as Tourist Information Centres and remember to think outside the golf course.


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I'm Katie, a 28 year old teacher living in Vancouver, Canada. I am getting married to my best friend and love of my life Brad in the summer of 2014. Our wedding is in Kelowna BC, which is half way between our two families. We are planning a vintage-rustic wedding with as many DIY projects as I can handle. Let the journey to the altar begin!

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