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I decided that I wanted my candy buffet to match our color scheme, but was having trouble finding turquoise candy that wasn't crazy expensive. The only things I found were jelly beans ($60+ for a 5lb bag) and custom colored M&Ms ($57 for a 5lb bag). YIKES!! I found a few reasonable items like rock candy and stuff, but I also worried about the color being too ‘blue' and not so much ‘turquoise' so I decided to go with my other wedding color: yellow! So sunny and cheerful.

So our candy buffet is going to be made up of all yellow candies. But then I got to thinking… I need to make sure that everything isn't lemon flavored! (I'm not the biggest lemon fan anyway- so this is a major concern for me!) I am trying to make sure to get several flavors to mix things up a bit. Luckily, yellow candy comes in a variety of flavors actually… lemon, pineapple, banana, vanilla, caramel, etc. So I am trying to get as many different types as possible. I found a ton of options on

yellow candy - wedding candy

So it's going to be all yellow candy and then put turquoise ribbon around the jars with labels in my star-dreamy paper that identify each candy. I think it will look fantastic when it's all put together! Most of these candies are around $20 or less for a bulk quantity of 5-10lbs or so. I sent out a tweet to ask for advice on how much candy to purchase and I got some astounding numbers back. People were suggesting like 8-10 varieties of candy with 15-20 lbs of each. I am NOT going to follow these rules. If I did, it would cost me like $1,000 and I do not have $1,000 to spend on candy, of all things. I'll let you know my final totals, of course, when my purchases are made. Jessica Lynn did a great post on how she did her candy buffet, but an old Real Simple article is what gave the large numbers.

Are Candy Buffets expensive?

Just to forewarn those of you who are thinking about doing a candy buffet- it can definitely be expensive if you're not careful. Especially if you use the ‘rules' that have been set by some ‘experts' at Real Simple. For one thing, when you're ordering multiple types of candy in 5lb increments- that shipping adds up! If I ordered all the things pictured above, the shipping alone is going to be over $50.

A tip for you- I went to and found some great deals on some candy that even included FREE shipping. I'm an Amazon Prime member because I order tons of stuff on Amazon, so not only was it free shipping, but free 2 DAY shipping! Definitely something to keep in mind for those of you trying to save some cash. (I wholeheartedly recommend signing up for Amazon prime— it will pay for itself in spades!) I also got a great deal on some gummy bears, buy one get one free, so I got 10 lbs of pineapple, 10 lbs of banana, and 10 lbs of lemon! SCORE! Those and a 5lb bag of grapefruit slices for around $65 total with free shipping. They don't call me budget savvy for nothin'!

 Any other tips anyone has to share when setting up a candy buffet?

Great Resources for Wedding Candy:
Lots of items eligible for free shipping
You can view candy by color! best feature ever

Old Time Candy Company
I purchased some old time stick candy here- they are fairly inexpensive and look great in jars!
Another option that allows you to browse by color! They've got M&Ms, gummy bears, and more!
Another great option with single color candies, browse by theme and more.
$5 shipping on orders over $75
They also have candy viewable by color and free shipping on orders over $59.95
read their FAQ on candy buffets

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  • W

    Dang! That’s A LOT of candy!
    But I do love the yellow candies. 🙂 Are you going to have lemonheads? I lurve lemonheads. Such a classic.
    We’re not going to do a candy buffet but instead I’m doing ice cream station with toppings and jello molds. My niece & nephews LOVE jello….haha I better make sure they don’t bring it out till the end or they might not eat any dinner!

  • Amy

    This so wouldn’t work for you, but it would a non-fussy fall bride (like my friend Claire). Claire’s wedding was in October. Yes, candy season oh my! ( I think this could also work for Valentine’s or Easter brides as well.) But she got a ton of Halloween candy. I don’t know how much she paid, but I would imagine it could be done very wisely. She had candy corn (which I know is like $5 for a gallon it seems) and other traditional candy. It didn’t match, but it looked pretty. So, holiday post cnady like November fall wedding… or a red end of February wedding could score it very cheap.

    Sorry, that was my 15 cents!!

    I think your buffet looks yummy. I so can’t wait to see pictures of this wedding!

  • Sarah

    Girl, you are just too good at being budget savvy! I would never think to buy candy on Amazon! What good advice!Amy’s 15 cents is helpful advice!

  • Nicole-Lynn

    I think the yellow candy is such a smart idea, it’s going to look so great! Can’t wait to see pictures! 🙂

  • Another tip if you’re ordering online… check Ebates first to see if you can earn cash back!!


    left you a little love on my blog! love the candy! love love love it!

  • Meghan

    When setting up the buffet, add extra height for variety, put containers up on something (i’m using sturdy boxes and bricks) and cover with coordinating fabric– in your case teal! its looks super on a plain table

  • liz

    please keep us posted on how your buffet is coming along, i was floored by the numbers given in real simple. simply ridiculous!
    i have notes from brides who have already done their candy buffet and broke down the details…. trying to figure out where my assistant put those notes…. (bad kitty! 😉

  • I found soem good deals at,, and at a warehouse in downtown LA. Also, Smart & Final has 1 or 2 things that fit my colors & my price range. I agree — anything that doesn’t have to be shipped = on my list!

    Thanks for the tip about Amazon — I hadn’t thought of that.

  • This candy buffet was my dream! I even bought all the glassware but then became to poor to make it happen. Darn candy is so expensive! (I was actually finding some on Ebay though)

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the final product!

  • Hello, I decided to do any easter candy buffet for all my friends and family that are coming over for easter. It is such a fun experience and I found a website that has great deals on all sorts of candy. you should check it out if you are interested in quality candy at a great price!

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  • Kim

    I want to a candy buffet but I feel like it will add up so quickly :/

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