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The Top Sites for Digital Wedding Invitations

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Be eco-friendly and budget-friendly with your wedding choices by embracing the benefits of digital wedding invitations!


In between all of the emails about sales, appointments, and work, it’s always a welcome surprise to receive a note from a friend or family member. And that excitement only multiples when you spot an invitation in your inbox! Although the traditional way to invite guests to your wedding day is by popping a paper invitation into the mail, that’s most certainly not the only way to ask family and friends to join you to celebrate your new union. A digital wedding invitation definitely works, too — after all, an invitation is an invitation!

From offering a budget-friendly alternative to being far more eco-friendly, there are plenty of reasons to love (and send) digital wedding invitations. So, today we’re breaking down all of the reasons why digital wedding invitations might just be the future and where you can find templates that look just as beautiful as print. Keep reading to learn why you should consider skipping postage in favor of email addresses!

Why We Love Digital Wedding Invitations: 

We would never want you to embrace something new without hearing about all of the benefits first! So, these are the top three reasons why we love digital wedding invitations. 


Save Your Budget:

Couples can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars on wedding invitations, and that’s before they add in the cost to mail them! Before you nix sending invitations entirely, consider digital wedding invitations. The cost per piece is far less expensive, and designers create everything from simple to elaborate designs that you can email (no postage necessary). If you decide to go the digital wedding invitation route, plan to reallocate the money you would have spent on paper invitations to another area of your wedding that holds more value to you. 


Make RSVPs a Breeze: 

A wedding invitation has two distinct purposes. The first is to formally invite your family and friends to your wedding, and the second is to offer you a way to track the guests who will definitely be in attendance. Although guests can be asked to respond digitally when a paper wedding invitation is sent, it’s far more common for family and friends to mail back their RSVP, and the cards mailed back to the couple must be tracked. On the flip side, when an invitation is sent digitally, the reply will also be sent digitally. That means your tracking will go from a DIY project to a process that’s essentially done for you. What could be better? 


Embrace the Environment: 

Wedding invitations are most often designed with paper, and sometimes an invitation will have multiple layers and pieces. That can put a strain on the environment because not everyone will opt to recycle their invitation after your wedding (nor can every element be recycled). Plus, invitations must be mailed and transported. The alternative is digital wedding invitations, which are sent via email. Paper and fuel are suddenly removed from the equation, which is a wonderful positive for our world. 

Where to Order Digital Wedding Invitations:

Just like printed wedding invitations, there are plenty of sources for digital wedding invitations. We’ve narrowed down our list of favorites to eight places to find online wedding invitations. Each of these sites has eye-catching designs that deserve to be shared with your wedding guests!

Etsy • Digital Wedding Invitations

Etsy is still the place to go for unique, handmade items, including digital wedding invitations. A search for digital wedding invitations elicits an incredible number of results, so we thought we would highlight three sources we like that also have plenty of reviews. Look to Viola Mirabilis Design for floral-adorned suites that are both classic and modern, Sunshine Wedding Party for modern suites, and Silver Moon Templates for straightforward, simple designs. 

Greenvelope’s Digital Wedding Invitations

If the type of event exists, Greenvelope has an invitation for you to invite guests. That definitely includes weddings! The biggest perk of Greenvelope is the site is very user-friendly for couples and wedding guests. Like other options, you can create, send, and track invitations within the site. Plus, the designs they have at the ready for you to customize are modern and beautiful. They look just like printed wedding invitations! 

Minted’s Digital Wedding Invitations

Minted is known for budget and design-friendly printed wedding invitations, and they also offer digital invitations for pre-wedding events. Although they don’t have wedding invitations, it’s likely you will be either hosting or attending other wedding events. They have options for the engagement party, bachelorette party, and a rehearsal dinner prior to reciting your vows. Minted has digital invitations for all of those events (and more), which still represents a great way to save money and the environment!

Paperless Post • Digital Wedding Invitations

Many of us know and love Paperless Post! The company has been around for years, and you’ve likely heard of them because the designers you know and love (Kate Spade, Rifle Paper Co.) have collections available for you to send digitally through their platform. On Paperless Post, prices are calculated by coins rather than actual money. So you will need to purchase the correct amount of coins to send the invitations (and embellishments) you select. Even with that technicality in mind, their designs are truly incredible, and many are completely customizable. 

WedSites • Digital Wedding Invitations

WedSites‘ goal is to create a wedding planning process that looks and feels easy! With that in mind, they offer checklists for planning, wedding websites, invitations, and wedding guest management all on their site. In order to have access to the site’s highlighted features, plan to pay a one-time fee of $99. If you want a more guided experience, the cost goes up to $199. Either option is totally worth it! The fee includes access to beautiful digital invitation templates that coordinate with their wedding website themes. We’re fans!

Joy • Online Wedding Invitations

If you choose to send your digital wedding invitations through Joy, you may also want to make your planning even more seamless by hosting your wedding website and registry through their site (they offer all three and more!) Joy has a complete variety of digital wedding invitations to choose from that lean more in the direction of simplicity, which is ideal for couples hosting modern, boho, or even industrial-style weddings. Did we mention they also have an app? Learn more about why we love Joy.

Evite • Online Wedding Invitations

From vintage to modern, Evite has a digital wedding invitation to suit any wedding’s style. There are plenty of positives to choosing an invitation from this site’s library, and key among them is that you and your guests have likely received a digital invitation from Evite for another past event. The cost to send digital wedding invitations through Evite starts at $14.99 per month for Evite Pro, which sends invitations without advertisements. Once you choose your plan, the next step is to choose your design and color palette, which extends to the digital envelope and even the digital stamp.

Punchbowl • Online Wedding Invitations

Punchbowl asks users to pay a monthly fee for access to their site, services, and gallery of wedding invitations. The cost per month depends largely on how many guests you will be inviting to your wedding, but none of the packages exceed $8 per month. Once you choose your package, you can send online weddiinvites, track RSVPs, and send invitations to multiple wedding events. There are plenty of positives to this straightforward, budget-friendly site!

You don’t have to be hosting a virtual wedding to embrace digital wedding invitations! We hope this post gets your wheels turning about embracing technology to save money and waste!

Are you thinking about sending digital wedding invitations? What else would you like to know about them? We can keep sharing in our community

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Be eco-friendly and budget-friendly with your wedding choices by embracing the benefits of digital wedding invitations!
Be eco-friendly and budget-friendly with your wedding choices by embracing the benefits of digital wedding invitations!
Be eco-friendly and budget-friendly with your wedding choices by embracing the benefits of digital wedding invitations!

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