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A great source for centerpiece vessels

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Check out the different centerpiece vessels that are available from Luna Bazaar, as well as ways to repurpose them within your home after the big day!


We often receive questions about sourcing affordable wedding decor options for couples looking for a certain style. One of my favorite resources to recommend is Luna Bazaar! They have such a large assortment of decor and products to make your wedding shine. From paper lanterns to candles, to perfect centerpiece vessels, you’ll be able to find gorgeous pieces you’ll want to keep long after your wedding day at Luna Bazaar. After all, one of my favorite decor tips is to choose items that you can re-use or repurpose after the big day!

I had the opportunity to do a little sample shopping on Luna Bazaar’s website so that I could personally check out their products and share my thoughts with all of you! One of my favorite things about the vessels from Luna Bazaar is that they are incredibly versatile, which makes them even easier to repurpose them after your wedding. They’d make great additions to bookshelves, table settings, or any place in your home you’d like to add a sweetly styled vignette. Check out the products I received and used below! I just picked up about $10 of flowers from the market to play around with and I think the results were really chic!

Centerpiece decor from Luna Bazaar

Check out the different centerpiece vessels that are available from Luna Bazaar, as well as ways to repurpose them within your home after the big day!

I’m kind of obsessed with milk glass, so I absolutely adored these three pieces! The Olivia Milk Glass Urns are small but look really lovely with minimal flowers inside them. I grouped them with one larger Emma Milk Glass Vase for a chic, monochromatic look.

I swapped out the smaller urns for these small Mint Julep Cups. I love their patina — it really gives them more of a vintage look, so if that’s what you’re looking for, they’d be a great choice!

Of course, I absolutely loved these Vintage Green Fleur de Lis vases. I love that you could easily repurpose them as glassware – they’d make beautiful glassware for a lovely place setting after your big day!

We also got one of these faceted globe hanging jars. You can easily place them on a table and fill with flowers as pictured above, or you could totally hang them from strings or in trees!

We just love how a few of these different elements grouped together look so simple and sweet! It’s really easy to put together a lovely centerpiece with just a few pieces and minimal flowers!

Lastly, we paired the hanging jar with these gold mercury glass votive holders – you can easily put flowers in them, or candles! We really love how switching out a few elements can really change up the whole look.

The gold votive holders would make great small drinking glasses, or even a great addition to your bathroom counter to corral your cotton swabs. Finding ways to incorporate your wedding decor into your newlywed home will leave you with little reminders of your big day all over your home. Since it’s likely that your wedding day will reflect your personal style, your wedding decor should fit seamlessly into your home decor, too!

luna bazaar centerpiece decor vessels-14

Ideas for repurposing your centerpiece vessels

  • Use them as glassware for a unique table setting
  • As decoration on your bookshelves
  • To organize items on your bathroom counter
  • Use to corral silverware on your kitchen counter
  • As pencil or pen holders
  • Add wax and a wick to them to make your own candles
  • Use as serving ware on a buffet for a dinner party
  • You could also consider giving them as gifts, or even reselling them after the big day!


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