Unique Wedding Registries to Consider

It’s an amazing time to be planning a wedding, for so many reasons. There’s more options than ever before to completely personalize your day, thanks to modern technology, startups and Etsy artisans. There’s so many options for just about every aspect of your wedding planning that I think I would go into option overwhelm, personally. But at the same time it really allows you to create your perfect day in an easy and efficient way. From selecting a custom cake topper to creating a flexible and personal wedding registry!

Speaking of wedding registries, the new options on the block are really worth taking a look at. From ones that offer cash wedding registries to registering for experiences, to filling each and every room in your newlywed home, there are some creative and awesome new wedding registry services that you simply must check out and consider! We’re sharing a few of our favorite online wedding registries below and can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

Unique Online Wedding Registries

wedding registries - Blueprint Registry

Blueprint Registry

Blueprint Registry allows you to register for everything you need for your newlywed home, room by room! Their innovative platform walks you through each room of your house so you don’t forget to register for something important or essential. Choose items from dozens of your favorite retail stores to perfect your gift list. You can even make any large ticket item a group gift and prioritize your favorite items to help your guests see which gifts you’re really excited about. You can also accept cash gifts via Blueprint Registry so they offer couples the ultimate flexibility in registering. ย Bonus: you can personalize your registry page with your photos and wedding date and it’s super cute!

wedding registries - myregistryMy Registry

My Registry is a universal wedding registry option that allows you to add gifts from literally anywhere on the web! Their completely flexible approach to registering allows you to combine your gift list from an unlimited amount of stores into one easy portal for your guests to access and purchase from. This is especially handy for all those amazing stores that don’t offer a wedding registry… (looking at you World Market). I love that you can bring together your hodge podge of tastes and desires all in one place for easy shopping. My Registry also offers cash gifting so you can use those funds on anything from items on your gift list to honeymoon excursions to a downpayment on a house. Flexible, convenient, awesome.

wedding registries - envelope registry

Envelope Registry

ย Envelope Registry is a really cool option to consider for your wedding registry. Their modern, cool interface paired withย the flexibility of a cash registry makes this a favorite among couples who may just prefer cash gifts over a toaster oven. Envelope offers a tasteful way to request cash gifts from your wedding guests with their beautifully designed websites, which are totally personalizable with your photos and information. Having that personal touch takes the impersonal feel out of giving money as a wedding gift. And did I mention that they also have a thank you note writing service as well? It’s pretty cool, and it’s done by robots. (YEP, robots.) Welcome to the future of wedding registries.

wedding registries - tendr wedding registryTendr

If cash is more what you’re after, you definitely should consider Tendr as well. Tendr offers an elegant and customizable way to request cash gifts for your big day! Use their modern platform to create a custom landing page to lead your guests to, making the cash gifting experience a bit more personal and warm. It doesn’t costs guests a thing to use Tendr, and couples will part with just 5% of their total gifts as a thank you for Tendr taking care of their gifts. You’ll get personalized e-cards from your guests when they send a gift and the funds will get deposited directly into your chosen bank account. Easy peasy!

Online Wedding Registries - Zola Wedding Registry


Last, but certainly not least, Zola is another great option for an online gift registry! Zola combines physical gifts, experiences and cash to offer you a great amount of flexibility in your gifting choices. Getting physical gifts? You control when they get shipped to you, so it’s at a time that is convenient. Decided against the fine China that your Aunt Mildred gifted you? You can exchange the value of the gifts before they even ship to you to ensure you get the items that are high up on your list. With a super low fee of 2.7% and the ability to register for items from anywhere your heart desires, Zola’s registry is a super affordable option for modern couples who want convenience and flexibility out of their wedding registry.

Which of these online wedding registries is right for you?

Happy Registering!

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Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here.ย 

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