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Beachy Bridesmaids Proposal Project

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Beachy Bridesmaids Proposal Project

I looove crafting! I can seriously search Pinterest for hours and hours just looking at different DIYs. I think that is one of the things I was most excited about when it comes to wedding planning… all of the crafting! I wanted a creative way to ask my friends, “will you be my bridesmaid?” that was also in the beach theme of our wedding. Luckily, I found the perfect bridesmaids proposal project on Pinterest. Being a dedicated Pinner, I found these little seashell messages while scrolling away one day. One of the best parts of this project is that they were so simple to make! You really don’t have to be an experienced crafter to create something super cute.

I found these seashells in the closet of my room at my parent’s house, don’t ask me why they were still in there. I think they were from some tropical party we had when I was younger? Not sure on that one, but you can find similar shells at Michaels of Jo-Anns. I really didn’t like using real shells, but since I already had them in my closet for the past ten years I thought it would be good to use them up…it wouldn’t do any good throwing them back in the ocean now. But on a side note- since I am very ocean conscious, our wedding will not have dead starfish and sea creatures all over everything. Not what I’m about. Anyway, on to the how-to!


Beachy Bridesmaids Proposal Project Idea

Asking your bridesmaids - DIY project idea

  • seashells
  • construction paper
  • stamps
  • twine, hemp, or string
  • paint marker or permanent marker
  • double stick tape (I used the heavy duty carpet kind)
  • mini drawstring bags, optional

Cut the paper so that it is a little bit less wide than the opening of the seashell. I trimmed them down a bit in length as well, but they were still about 6 inches long so that I could fit the message on the paper.

will you be my bridesmaid? seashell project

Alright, next step is to think of the message that you want to write on the scroll. I had a similar message for each of my bridesmaids I was super creative with the message and wrote out Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Hahah I knew one of my friends wasn’t going to be able to make it to Mexico so I asked her to be a “bridesmaid-from-afar”

Next cut a small strip of double stick tape and adhere one side to the underside of the strip of paper leaving some of the tape hanging over. I used thick carpet double-stick tape, but if you’re using the regular kind you might need a few pieces. I left the protective paper on the front side of the double stick tape on the portion that was hanging over the paper and stuck the other side deep inside of the seashell.

asking your bridesmaids - seashell project

Then just roll up the paper and tie your string around the whole thing.

I added a name tag and drawstring bag and then packed them in bubble wrap padded envelopes for mailing. I used small jewelry type bags and mini burlap bags from Michaels. I sent them all in the mail so it was nice that they were small and easily shipped in padded envelopes.

DIY asking bridesmaids project

And that’s it! Super simple!

What were/are you looking forward to most about the wedding planning process?


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