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Flower Alternatives: Baby's Breath

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Baby’s breath is a chic and affordable alternative to using fresh flowers for your wedding day bouquets and centerpieces!

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This post is part of our wedding flower alternatives series. Baby’s breath is one of the *best* options for using fresh florals while also keeping wedding costs down.

When it comes to spending money on your wedding, most couples are looking for ways to cut costs where possible. We always advise cutting your budget in the areas of your wedding that are of the lowest personal priority to the two of you.

An area that many couples choose to cut back is with their wedding flowers. One way we encourage couples to save money on their wedding flowers is by choosing a cheaper alternative to fresh flowers for their wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and other decor.

Baby’s Breath Wedding Bouquets + Decor

Now, we know baby’s breath (or Gypsophila) is technically a type of flower. But in this case, it’s a great alternative to bloomier blossoms in that it is super cost-effective. There are also some great dried and faux baby breath options, as you will see below. 

In large quantities, baby’s breath can create a stunning visual effect. How gorgeous and dreamy are these options?

Loose Baby’s Breath

Dried White Baby’s Breath by Misutikku on Etsy

Dyed Baby’s Breath

Dried and Colored Baby’s Breath also by Misutikku on Etsy

Baby’s Breath Boutonniere

Dried Baby’s Breath Boutonniere by SweetWilliamsNorfolk on Etsy

Baby’s Breath Wreath

Freshly Cut Baby’s Breath Wreath or Centerpiece by TheGarlandGuy on Etsy

Baby’s Breath Hairpiece

Bridal Headpiece with Jeweled Baby’s Breath from Amazon

Faux Baby’s Breath

Brightly Colored Faux Baby Breath Flowers on Amazon

Artificial Baby’s Breath

Artificial Greenery and Baby’s Breath Garland on Amazon

Baby’s Breath Crown and Bouquet

Artificial Baby’s Breath Blooms from Amazon

Dyed Blue Baby’s Breath

Tinted Fresh Baby’s Breath from Fifty Flowers in Small, Large, and/or Glittered Blooms

White Fresh Baby’s Breath

White Fresh Baby’s Breath from Fifty Flowers in Small, Large, and/or Glittered Blooms

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