Pop the Question to Your Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid box

Inviting your best friends to stand beside you on your wedding day is a daunting task, particularly with all of the fun and potentially expensive ideas floating around on Pinterest.

I wanted to find a fun way to invite all four of my bridesmaids that would be unique without breaking the bank. My goal was to find a fun invite that was part gift, answered a couple of questions [what would be the wedding colors], and could be presented to all four ladies at nearly the same time. Β Three of my bridesmaids live within 50 miles of me but my Maid of Honor lives several states away, so I neededΒ to do something that could be mailed and would arrive at roughly the same time.

After rifling through a million and Β a half ideas I narrowed it down to Nail Polish Bridesmaid Invites – small boxes including each of the wedding colors as nail polish and a note that was semi personalized to the humor and personality of each recipient.

Bridesmaid Invite notes

From upper left clockwise, the tags read: I have my man so now I need my girls. Now it’s my turn to pop the question. I’ve been told I need someone to hold my dress when I pee. I promise to never use the phrase… You can always shorten it an wear it again.


The finished result. Each box was filled with crinkle paper and a bottle of polish in each of our wedding colors, navy, pink and blue. Inside the lid of each box was a message that ‘popped’ the question.

Originally I had wanted to use mini Essie bottles because I knew they had the colors I was hoping for but after a month of searching for the right colors I folded and decided to go with a lower cost NYC polish. The boxes were purchased at a local paper supply store.

How did / will you ask your Bridesmaids to be a part of your special day?

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