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The Ultimate DIY Guide for Wedding Decorations

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One of the biggest trends for 2018 weddings is personalization. Couples want unique, more intimate weddings and ones that express who the couple is, both as a union and as individuals. For the 2018 bride and groom, it’s all about experience, and what better way to give guests a unique experience than through a celebration that’s full of personal details?

That’s where DIY wedding decorations come in. When you create your own decor you have an opportunity to make it your own. Even if you follow a template or tutorial, your personal style will shine through. Give five people the same centerpiece tutorial, for instance, and see how each one comes out looking slightly different.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your DIY Projects

Before you start thinking about which specific DIY projects you want to take on, consider your venue and style/theme/wedding colors. Knowing these things ahead of time will help guide you when you’re looking through all the amazing and beautiful DIY decorations you’ll find on Pinterest and Instagram.

Photo by Rachel Marie Photogrophie via Bridget Borden Events

  1. Will your wedding be outside, inside, or both?
  2. Is it taking place in a country church or a grand ballroom?
  3. And what about the overall style and wedding theme?

A sleek, contemporary wedding will call for different decor than a rustic wedding will. It’s also a good idea to communicate with your venue about any decor limitations they may have. Some places don’t allow burning candles, for instance, or wall hangings.

It’s also important to keep in mind:

  • how long each project will take
  • the cost versus effort
  • if you’ll have help putting things together, as well as help installing the items if needed

Once you start looking through the massive internet catalog of do-it-yourself projects, you might get overwhelmed and want to do all the things, but remember that many of the items are made by professionals and those who have done the project over and over again.

And as far as finances go, sometimes it’s easier and more cost-efficient to purchase an item than to make it due to the amount of material and time needed.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Photo via Green Wedding Shoes


Use K.I.S.S. as your mantra/guide: keep it simple, sweetie! You can create beautiful displays with something as simple as a couple of balloons decorated with metallic tassel and ribbon, like these Mr. & Mrs. party balloons. Tie them to the sweetheart chairs or use them as table centerpieces. You could even create a giant balloon heart and use it as a backdrop.


And speaking of backdrops, they are simple and affordable eye-catching DIY decor items. Take this fresh flower wall for instance, or this colorful streamer backdrop. Both can act as statement pieces, whether used as a photo booth or ceremony background.  


Although it can get quite expensive to use fresh flowers in most of your DIY decor, if you know the basic types of greenery and filler flowers, you can put together simple, but beautiful centerpieces that are also affordable.

Look through this trending greenery and flower guide to get an idea on what to use. And if fresh flowers aren’t an option, or you want to mix it up, consider using paper flowers in your backdrops, centerpieces, bouquets, etc. Want some ideas? Check out Lia Griffith’s crepe paper flowers and projects.

Dollar Store DIY – Painted Vases


DIY signs are also simple to make and will warmly welcome your guests. These decor items are especially great for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

First, consider your base (glass, wood, chalkboard…), then your medium (marker, chalk, paint…), then any embellishments you’d like to adorn your sign with (greenery, flowers, ribbon, etc.).

Use your signs to welcome and direct guests, display menus, give information, or express a favorite quote. Take a look at Oh Best Day Ever’s post for a plethora of wedding sign ideas and our guide to DIY Chalkboard Signage.


Don’t forget the power of a simple pot or vase! You can find all kinds of containers at the dollar store, which can be painted, embellished, and filled with whatever you like.

Take a look at these projects for ideas and inspiration: DIY mini succulents, DIY pinwheel escort cards and table numbers, DIY painted vase centerpieces.

One of the best things about simple containers is that they can be decorated to fit any style and theme. Colors can reflect the season or the wedding color palette, and vases, bottles, and pots can be filled with fresh or paper flowers, candles, Christmas lights, pebbles, beads, whatever you like!

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways to DIY your wedding decor. Whether it’s a centerpiece, a backdrop, or a welcome sign, making your own decor pieces will add a personal touch to your wedding and give your guests a reason to say, “That wedding was so them!”  

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