Grey & Hot Pink Inspiration Board

The H2B and I went back and forth about what colors we should have for our wedding. I first suggested we use a black and white damask pattern with a royal purple for an accent color.

He thought that those together looked like a bruise.

H2B then suggested we use maize and blue as our colors…as in Michigan’s colors. Ummm…. NO! Then he suggested baby blue and Carolina blue… as in North Carolina’s colors. Another emphatic NO!

We went round and round about what would be the most appropriate palette for our outdoor summer wedding in Ohio.

And then… gray and hot pink. He totally went for it. Gray will be our main color with the pink as the accent color. The pink will give the neutral of the gray enough pop to really stand out. I think it will look awesome!

Grey & Hot Pink Inspiration BoardHow did you get to your colors? Was it a compromise?

Grey Hot Pink Inspiration

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