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Episode 70: Surviving The Emotional RollerCoaster of Wedding Planning and Gifting with Cricut

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Wedding planning can feel like quite a rollercoaster, especially when navigating various relationships. Tune in to episode 70 for savvy insights and expert advice on how to navigate the wedding rollercoaster with retired wedding planner and author, Leah Weinberg.

Episode 70: Surviving The Emotional RollerCoaster of Wedding Planning and Gifting with Cricut
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Surviving The Emotional RollerCoaster of Wedding Planning with Leah Weinberg (Plus, Gifting with Cricut!)

The ups and downs of wedding planning can certainly take you for a ride. Once you jump in it gets pretty easy to want to vent about the downs, so we want to take a look at the ups, and recognize how weddings can actually strengthen relationships in a lot of cases.

So, today we are speaking with Leah Weinberg – former wedding planner, and author of The Wedding Roller Coaster.

After nearly a decade in the wedding industry as the owner of Color Pop Events, Leah is returning to her roots as an attorney to assist her former colleagues in the events industry, along with other entrepreneurs and business owners as co-founder of Oduberg Law. Her work and insights have been published online and in print with Vogue, The New York Times, People, CNN, CNBC, Bravo, Martha Stewart, and The Knot, among others.

More About Leah:

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Surviving The Emotional Rollercoaster 
of Wedding Planning with Leah Weinberg
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