11 Passive Aggressive Ways to Deal with Wedding Crashers

I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie Wedding Crashers… which is definitely a humorous and over-the-top look at the kind of people who crash weddings. Most of the people considered “crashers” at the average wedding are probably friends who didn’t make the actual invite list or someone who you purposely didn’t invite but tags along as someone’s plus 1.

Want to know something funny? I had a crasher at my own wedding in 2009! Well, kind of…

My husband happened to run into an old buddy from high school while he was out with his groomsmen for his bachelor party a few nights before the big day. In his slightly inebriated state, he encouraged this old friend to come to our wedding even though he hadn’t received a formal invitation.

Being that my hubby barely recalled seeing the guy on the night of his bachelor party, it somehow slipped his mind and he never thought to tell me about the last-minute addition to our guest list.

The funny thing is, I probably never would’ve noticed. I didn’t see him when I walked down the aisle, or on the dance floor at the reception. My husband had gotten away with it…

Or he would have, if a photo of the wedding crasher hadn’t been included in our ceremony photos!!!

We served communion at our wedding, and lo and behold, one of the few communion photos included a picture of the wedding crasher himself!

Wedding Crashers - 11 Ways to Deal with Uninvited Guests

What’s hilarious is that you can see the slight confusion (mixed with elation b/c OMG I’m getting married right now) all over my face as I serve communion to our wedding crasher!!!

When I saw this photo in the midst of all of our other wedding photos I had to ask my husband, “Who is this guy?” So he finally had to fess up about his late addition to our guest list. If anything, it’s just a really funny story and we still talk about “the wedding crasher” to this day. 

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if you had a wedding crasher at your own wedding? Our friends at Gift Baskets Overseas made this funny infographic with 11 Passive Aggressive Ways to Deal with Wedding Crashers. Maybe if I’d realized I had a wedding crasher on my hands I could’ve taken advantage of this list. Hope you enjoy it!

11 Ways to Deal with Wedding Crashers - Wedding Crashers - 11 Ways to Deal with Uninvited Guests
Created by GiftBasketsOverseas.com.

Would you confront a wedding crasher?

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