I’m married! And thankful!

So this is it, I'm married, have been for over a week and it's kind of odd, but also amazing. Every time Nick and I do something, we say: “This our first time walking the dog as a married couple…This is our first time to Target as a married couple, etc.” It's been fun to relive the wonderful moments that led up to our wedding. Here's a short recap and I'll give you the full story once I have a few more pictures to share (our photographer's studio was flooded as a result of Hurricane Sandy and her wrath on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so while our photos are safe, we know she has a lot going on so we haven't yet seen any of our professional photos).

Weather was one of the things that worried me all along and when I saw that Sandy was headed our way, that wasn't helping matters. In the end, we lucked out, no rain during the day or during our photos. Instead we had overcast skies and lots and lots of wind. There were several “oh my gosh my veil is going to blow off my head” moments as well has having the wind catch my dress like a sail making me feel like I was going to fall over…but we truly lucked out. I just wanted the rain to hold off and it did, thank God!!  I talked to Nick the morning of the wedding and he could sense that I was worried about something. I told him the weather had me worried and he told me not to worry, and he was right. Besides the wind, we had a beautiful day. The sun came out for a few photos with my girls, my parents and grandmother, so that was nice. My friend grabbed this shot over the photographer's shoulder on Saturday afternoon.

Image via Meg Gsvind

We headed to the boardwalk for a couple fun photos and then returned in the limo to Meg's beach house to touch up and eat some food before the ceremony. Meg was amazing, she provided a wonderful spread of sandwiches and snacks to keep us going. The whole day was just perfect, everyone was so helpful and kind. Once 1:55 came, we jumped in the limo with my dad to head to the ceremony. It was nerve wracking to sit in the limo outside of the church and just wait. We got to see most of the guests go in the church and I was getting anxious. I was not nervous in the least to marry Nick, I knew I was making the right decision. I was so anxious for the ceremony to start while also worried my emotions were going to get the best of me. I feared I was going to be a blubbering mess going down the aisle! There is no vestibule in the church so it was straight from the limo to the aisle and after that, things went really quickly. My dad did the right thing by making me laugh on my way down the aisle, it was just what I needed to kill some of the anxiety and emotions and take my mind off everyone looking at me!

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After the ceremony, we headed to the beach and boardwalk for some photos. It was super windy and overcast, but at least it wasn't raining. You'll have to wait for photos from our photographer to see those images. Then we headed in the limo to the reception where we had our introductions and first dance. Then we had lots of fun in our DIY photo booth!

Me and my dad – Image via me

We had fun with the vampire teeth – Image via me

I must ache you a question – Image via me

Fun with props – Image via me

Biggest Erin & Nick Fans – Image via me

Sisters – Image via me

Before we knew it, the night was over, and we headed to the after party at a local bar (which was also having their Halloween party.) A lot of people asked if I was dressed up or really just got married 🙂

Us and Jack Skellington – Image via me

So that's my quick recap, over the next few days, Hurricane Sandy hit Ocean City and left the deck where the first photo was taken, looking like this… so hard to believe. I thank God that our family and friends were all safe. I selfishly thanked God for having Sandy wait until Sunday to hit. Our honeymoon was delayed, but other than that it was amazing. Honeymoon recap and more wedding recap coming later! 🙂

Image via Ari Hantske

Editor's note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more resources for planning a pandemic wedding here

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