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Lakeside Wedding in North Carolina

You're not going to want to miss this lovely lakeside wedding today! Time and time again some of the most gorgeous weddings we've featured have this thing in common: they used a FREE venue. It can save you so so so much and free up a huge portion of your wedding budget to go towards other things. The couple got married at the bride's grandparents' lake houses and it made for a stunning backdrop! And I definitely love the bride's advice to keep things in perspective and not sweat it if things go wrong. Hope you enjoy this lovely budget wedding!! xoxo – Jessica

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Brittney + Will

July 20, 2013

 Denver, NC   ||  private residence 


What was your budget?

About 8,000 total! 

Save the dates: $50 from Zazzle

Invitations: $250 from Zazzle

Venue: Free

Dress: $1,000 by the time we did alterations and a bustle ($250) 

Tux rental: bought our tuxes on sale about $60 per groomsman from Belk

Catering: $1200 Catering by Tracey

Photography: Christopher bell photography $750

Rings: $5,000 for engagement and two wedding bands from Jared

Flowers: $750 albertine florals

Music: Ceremony and/or reception: We rented speakers for $150 and played the music from my computer

Wedding cake: $250 family friend made our cake

Hair and makeup: hair free from a long time friend and makeup $100

Wedding favors: candy- made mason jars and spend about $50 on a variation of candy

Site rentals: about $3000 for tents, chairs, table cloths http://www.cookerentals.com/

Decorations: around $500 from etsy and we crafted all of our own mason jars

Transportation: $600 for shuttle bus



What personal or creative or aspects did you incorporate into your wedding?

We had a remembrance table that had pictures of all of our loved ones that had passed. This was especially meaningful because my Papa died a couple days before our wedding day.



What was the biggest budget saving part of your wedding?

Definitely the venue. It was such a meaningful place. The only expenses that came with it was our rentals.



What was your biggest splurge, and why?

Definitely the tent, but it rained all morning and afternoon, so I would say it was money well spent.



What was your favorite detail?

All of the burlap and lace detail. It was a common theme throughout and meaningful in a lot of ways. I used the lace cap from my mom’s wedding veil to bind my flowers, and we used lace off of a table cloth that my husband’s nanny made on our arch that we stood under to exchange our vows. It’s the little touches that mean the most.



What’s your best advice for planning a wedding now that you're on the other side?

Things WILL go wrong. You can plan your heart out, but nothing will be perfect. All that matters, is that you marry the man that makes everything worth while. Every aspect of your wedding day is memorable and treasured. At our wedding it poured down rain and the shuttle showed up at the wrong location, but that thirty minute delay allowed for the rain to stop and we were blessed with a cooler night 🙂


Photographer:  Christopher Bell Photography, LLC  //  Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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