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Leah's DIY Eclectic Cake Stand

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Ohhhhh my little bridal bees I have a PROJECT for you today and I am SO excited about it because it has turned out so well! But, first things first – our cake!

My mother is basically a baker extraordinaire. If I had a nickel for every time someone took a bite into one of my mother’s confections, cakes, or pies and said, “Your mom should open her own bakery,” well, let’s just say I would no longer be a budget bride!! However, I absolutely REFUSED to let my mother make my cake. I know it could have saved me money (more than most because she also happens to work at a bakery supply store – owed by my best friend’s dad – and everything would have come at cost.) But, once again it is one thing to save money and another entirely to save your sanity. I know my mother would have been fussing about that darn cake up until about 2 am the morning of my wedding if she had to make it. No way, not going to happen.

Here is another quirky thing about me and darling fiancee, we do not like icing. Like, not at all. My family never ate cake with icing (technically, we didn’t eat cake that much because we were pie people) and Ryan just isn’t that into extremely sweet stuff. So, when I saw this:

Cake Stand
{image: Martha Stewart Weddings}

I loved this cake. I mean, it looks SO interesting and rustic plus it’s light on the icing and sweet stuff. It can just be real good cake! For me, I’m not that into extreme and intricate designs on cakes anyway. So the “naked” cake as we have now named it became ours.

It’s so cool, even Hillary Duff did it!! And ours will actually look very similar to hers…

Cake Stand
Image: OK magazine

(Although I’m actually a little embarrassed to admit that I think Hillary is kind of adorable, I want to just point out I thought of this long before I had actually seen a cake like this, let alone her cake, I’m a little disappointed it’s not just “my” idea anymore! haha!) Our baker is going to fashion a few blades of grass to go up the side and a few very small blue hydrangeas to set on some of the tiers. We also have a cute little ceramic topper that my grandmother made for my Mom’s wedding for the top.

But, one of my lovely maids, who is also a lover of icing, pointed out that a lot of people LOVE icing, which of course is true. I had originally wanted to put cakes on each table. I also thought this would be less example, unfortunately, I was sorely mistaken. So, I started looking into a different plan. I wanted the cakes on the table because they could then serve as the centerpiece for the table and save on flowers. Centerpieces tend to run between $20-$30 it seems, so I figured if I could get the cakes for about that it wouldn’t be so bad. When that was not working, I started to think about cupcakes.

Cupcakes have gained a lot of popularity lately. I tend to think people will eat cupcakes more readily than cake because (1) they do not have to get up to get the cake or have it served to them, (2) it’s pre-portioned, (3) people feel totally comfortable taking a cupcake home with them. I also like that it is a little more casual. We found an amazing baker who works out of his home and the cupcakes are actually the same price as buying sheet cakes! WHAT?!  Hot dang!  To go with our theme, we have decided to have them decorated like RED ROSES! Not only will the cupcakes be the centerpiece, they will actually look like a bouquet of red roses just like the winner of the Derby gets at the end of the race. SCORE!

And now, my pretties, the project! Because I wanted the cupcakes to be the centerpiece, I needed something fabulous to set them on. Cake stands are freaking expensive people. Like seriously. But I love the look of antique Fostoria cut-glass cake stands. So, I tooled around on the interwebs and found this awesome project at –. It inspired me. I could use glassware instead of the vases and tin trays, and add the spray paint and gorilla glue.

Goodwill has magnificent electic glassware. (I kind of have a love affair with Goodwill, you can find some pretty awesome stuff sometimes!) I also thought I could probably buy some glassware at maybe the dollar store or some other cheap places. The goodwill platters usually run between $0.99 and $2.99, but I do not mind that it is a little more when I am buying it at a non-profit charity store. I mean, my DIY project is also providing funds to help fund job training and programs for those less fortunate. Double-whammy of awesome.

So as my sweetie was having a golfing Sunday, I went crafty!
I started with these:

Cake Stand
Glass vases, drinking glasses, and candleholders that were not that beautious to say the least.

Hit them with a little Rustoleum glossy spray paint, and you get this:

Cake Stand

At this point, I was totally excited because I thought they looked so cool.

Take a cut glass platter, Gorilla Glue that sucker to the top, and TAH-DAH!

Cake Stand

Oh heck ya! So freaking cute! I love that they will all be a smidgeon different but all similar. I also might add some ribbons and other decorations but I also even like them just plain. I have been visiting the Goodwill once a week to pick up whatever they have that I like in the way of bases or plates. I figure starting now, I will have enough made by July and it takes all but 5 minutes to spray paint the bottoms. Most of the time in making them is in (1) prepping the space to paint in, (2) letting the paint dry, (3) choosing which plate to put on which base (if you are like me and must see every option before committing to the glue) and (4) waiting for the glue to dry.

Thank goodness we have a spare bedroom, we are going to have about 25 of these by the time I’m done!

NOTE: Although there may be some way to make these more durable, just doing it the way I did leaves the paint easily removable from the glassware with a scrubbie sponge and water. I suppose if you primed first, it might be more permanent or if you used a material other than glass that had a little texture to it. However, this does mean they are susceptible to scratching, so when in transport, they will need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper to protect them. On the plus side, you can remove the paint and have them be all different colors for different occasions. (For example, the red glass is going to be washed after the wedding and become a Christmas cake plate – Tah Dah!)

My other idea was, perhaps I will sell these on eBay or Etsy once I am finished with them. The cake stand can always be repainted and maybe I can make back a little money from the wedding too! Magnificent!

What is everyone else DIY’ing for their wedding? I’m planning a few more things that I will be sure to share with you as I get to them.


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