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Rustic Vintage Wedding on a Budget

So excited to share this rustic vintage wedding with you from reader Stephanie! You might remember her DIY wedding invitations that we featured here on the blog, and now she's shared her wedding with us! Stephanie was able to plan a lovely DIY wedding on a budget and still host about 90 guests! Did I mention that she had a FOOD TRUCK cater her wedding and that they served Breakfast for Dinner? I would've died of happiness if I was a guest at this wedding- what a fun and unique idea! Check out the lovely photos, fun details, and all of her great advice below! Thanks Stephanie, for sharing your wedding with us! If you're interested in sharing your budget savvy wedding with us here on BSB, click here for more info. xoxo-Jessica

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Stephanie + Garrett

June 15th, 2013

Yellow Springs, OH, Birch House (Historical House)



What was your wedding budget? 

$9000 ($3000 of that total was gifted from our parents)

Venue: $1050

Chairs, straw, tent: $1025

Food truck: $1700 (paid by family)

Photography: $550

DJ: $200 (friend)

Flowers: $1110

Decorations: $800

Pie favors: Made by family

Dress: $1500 (paid by family)

Vintage fabric BM bouquets: Supplies roughly cost $120

Gifts for family and wedding party: $200

Invitations: (Featured on BSB!) $150

Cupcakes: $150

Cakes: Made by family

Escort Cards: 50



How many guests did you have?



What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

Everything in our rustic vintage wedding was DIY’d—I loved doing the projects leading up to the wedding and it meant so much to me when family members pitched in to help.


Thankful tree-guest book

Mason Jars & Wooden boxes made by family

Water-colored dollies as escort cards

Handmade bouquets and boutonnieres

Greek cookies for dessert made by my Greek grandmother

Pie jars as favors

Hoop fabric for cake table

Wooden tables made by family


What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We saved the most on having our wedding catered by a food truck. The food truck allowed us to save money and have unique food served. It fit perfectly into our outdoor wedding and it served one of our favorites—Breakfast for dinner!


What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

While I was planning my wedding, I read a lot from other brides that things will go wrong. I believed it when I was planning my wedding and I still agree after having my wedding. Things will go wrong but the most important part is how you handle it. We got scammed by our wedding coordinator 3 months before our wedding along with several other minor issues.

Don’t let negative issues or people stand in your way of your wedding. Your wedding is about YOU and celebrating the love that God has brought into your lives.  


What was your biggest splurge?

Flowers were our biggest splurge but we still got a great deal on them due to my husband’s cousin being a florist.  


What was your favorite detail?

My head table that had a gold sequin table runner, custom made wooden tables, hand dipped tea towels, and vintage china.


What is the most memorable moment of your day?

My favorite moment from the day was listening to the vows written by my husband



Catering: Fressa Food Truck  //  Photography: Kreative Expressions Photography  //  Flowers: The Weedhopper  //  Dress: Allure Bridals  //  Venue: The Birch House 




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