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Colorado Wedding With Purple Accents

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Wedding With Purple Accents

 Crystal + Shannon

April 20, 2012
Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colorado


What was your budget? If you are able, give us a rough breakdown of how you spent your budget.

Around $10, 000. I haven’t done a complete breakdown but some of the expenses were:
• My dress – $600
• Grooms attire – $100
• Guest gifts – $305 (tea and dark chocolate)
• Invites – under $200 (custom done by one of my best friends). We gave her an additional money gift for her amazing job, but she didn’t ask for it.
• Photographer – $2,700
• Venue – $1000
• Desserts and drinks – $1000

How many guests did you have? 250

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

Shannon’s medal artwork (groomsmen gifts). Bean Bag Toss (favorite game among our friends and family). The bead bouquets for my girls. Iwanted something more unique. The cake done by our mothers (both are cake decorators-luck us). Fair-trade guest gifts (tea and dark chocolate). I am hoping more people will buy fair-trade after tasting the tea and chocolate – it is important to me. We also wanted to do a dance with the wedding party, so we did the Wobble, it was fun!

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We ended up doing an evening wedding with a dessert reception. The cost of dinner with 250 people was more then we wanted to spend. We were looking at $7,000 for dinner alone-no dinnerware included. It worked out nicely because we wanted an evening wedding to begin with.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Do as much as you can early on! We had most of the logistics done 6 months before the wedding, so we weren’t running as much as I have seen others do just months before their big day. It is a wedding so there will always be little things to do, but we were really thankful to have gotten so much planned after we were first engaged. Also, utilize your family and friends. I realized they really WANTED to help us. Just don’t ask too much of your immediate family and friends in the wedding. You want them to enjoy your wedding week as well.

What was your biggest splurge?

Our Photographer. One of my favorite parts of her package was the albums. We have a beautiful album and got two similar for our parents. I knew that I wouldn’t have time to put those together, so it was a beautiful gift for them and saved me more then time then I want to think about. I would recommend the extra money for that any day!

What was your favorite detail?

Aside from “I do.” It had to have been a toss up between my bouquet and our invitations. Both gorgeous!

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Standing in the beautiful Chapel full of family and friends next to my best friend.

Invitations and Programs: Cindy Scrivner  |  Medal Sculptures: Shannon Snow  |  Ceremony: Cherry Hills Community Church  |  Bride Bouquet and assembly of bridesmaid’s bouquets: Charlene Canady  |  Equal World: Guest gifts (tea and dark chocolate)


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