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Ever since I sat down and sketched out my preliminary budget, I knew that I did not want to spend a lot on flowers. They’re beautiful for the day, but, inevitably, they’ll wither and die. If you want your bouquet to last, there is the added cost of preservation.

Due to my inexperience with flowers, I knew that I did not want to DIY my bouquet. I’ve tried arranging flowers before and it is not my forte. I researched many vendors in my area, but all of them were way out of my price range. One florist said she would only accept minimum orders of $1200!

But, after some savvy researching and a luck Pinterest find, I stumbled upon dried bouquets. Basically, it’s an Inexpensive Alternative to Fresh Flowers for weddings! They are also long-lasting and go great with a rustic theme. Plus, you’ll save on getting them preserved. If you keep them out of the sun and take the proper care, they should last forever. I found a bunch of great sellers on Etsy or if you wanted to DIY your own, sells a variety of dried flowers. I plan on buying bundles of dried wheat, lavender, and baby’s breath for my centerpieces.

I’m planning on getting this bouquet with matching boutonnieres and a bridesmaid bouquet. This is from Etsy seller paulajeansgarden. She has a great variety of bouquets that are gorgeous. For this style below, she quoted me $16.25 for the bridesmaid bouquets, $7.25 for the boutonnieres, and $12 for shipping. I only need two of each so that puts me at roughly $60!


Other great shops are Knot2ShabbyDesigns, NHWoodscreations, and FlowerDecoupage.

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I'm Elisabeth, a 22 year old full-time student, part-time retail peon, Anglophile, and vintage enthusiast, currently residing along the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. After two years together, I can't wait to marry the love of my life, Matt, on September 20! We're busy working on our intimate, rustic wedding and I can't wait to share our journey with you!

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  • Abigail Reeder

    I was literally just looking at her etsy page! I found it while I was looking for beautiful dried lavender wreaths for my house. I love her work and the prices are so reasonable! I will be surely purchasing some lavender from there soon!