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I knew I had met my Mr. Wonderful and that he would always be part of my life. We found each other after previous relationships and making the final commitment of being together in marriage more challenging since we both have children and established lives. Don’t ever think magical love can’t happen at any age, because I promise the intensity of our feelings aren’t any less because we happen to be closer to forty years than twenty years old.

So, we spent as much time with each other as possible, bringing our children together and getting used to the larger family dynamic. I knew we were planning a future together and I also knew he had recently experienced many out-of-budget costs: Christmas, hot water heater repair, tax payments and more. He coaches high school soccer and I assumed we would have to wait till the end of that season (late spring) to start seriously planning our future together.

Engagement 2

On my birthday (which is coincides with Valentine’s), after a long day with work, dinner w/ a friend, small group at church, our normal school commute, etc., I stopped by his place for a quick birthday kiss. He had a birthday card for me and he handed me flowers and a sweet card with cute little couple. Inside the card said, “I'm glad to spend forever with you!” and then he hand-wrote, “so why wait, let's start forever tonight…” and when I looked at him questioningly, he dropped to a knee and asked me to marry him. I cried. Then said YES! He asked my children to be part of his forever family and they cheered and said, YAY! His girls were there, too. We all hugged and kissed and there was a great deal of rowdy excitement. It was sweet and fun and I'm so glad he included all of us, since it really is a family decision at this point.
Birthday Engagement
Next up – Let’s talk about the ring!

Missy is enjoying the greatest adventure of her life as she prepares to marry her very own Mr. Wonderful. Life as a single mother prepared her to be frugal and this philosophy has proven valuable in planning for her wedding day. Missy works in an industrial software development office but stays busiest with her children and home. She drinks sweet tea and loves reading, journaling, and hiking the Smoky Mountains!

Birthday Engagement

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