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Wedding Inspiration and Invitations from Minted

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rustic chic wedding inspiration
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So excited to start a new series with our partners at Minted! Every month, we’ll be sharing some custom wedding inspiration along with some of our favorite wedding invitation options from Minted that coordinate with that month’s theme. The great thing about Minted is that they have absolutely phenomenal designs available at a variety of pricepoints, and I’ll even share ways to stretch your dollars to create a custom look for less. Without further ado, here is the inspiration for our first month’s theme, rustic chic:

And without further ado, check out these lovely invitation options that would suit this month’s theme, from our friends at Minted!

minted - luxe rustic chic wedding invitation
letterpress printed  –  $4.85 ea for 100 for a 1-color design

The White Shadows Letterpress Wedding Invitation complements this look perfectly. Choosing a shade of pink or a warm neutral tan/brown would look great with this invitation. You could bring in more of your wedding colors by creating your own envelope liners, using a colored outer envelope, or adding embellishments like colored baker’s twine to tie things together.

minted - lovely rustic chic wedding invitation
metallic foil printed – $2.60 ea for 100

The Leaves and Kraft Foil-Pressed Wedding Invitations also work great with this rustic chic theme – as they tie in a kraft paper which is super popular for rustic weddings, and they are glammed up a bit with a silver foil floral motif. Bring in more of your wedding colors with a colored outer envelope or a ribbon!

minted - less rustic chic wedding invitation
simple, flat printed design – $2.34 ea for 100

The leaves and kraft wedding invitation brings in the same rustic feel with a kraft paper background, and even features the same design as the lovely option, but is flat printed by a digital press for a more affordable price point! Create your own DIY envelope liners to add some extra flair and hold the pieces together by making belly bands out of strips of colored paper.

You can easily glam up or add extra personalization to each of these designs with the help of a little DIY! Here’s some ideas of what to use:


Colored outer envelopes, envelope liners, ribbon, belly bands or baker’s twine can easily add extra pizazz to any invitation!

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