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Episode 60: Wedding Day Hair with Joseph Maine

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Episode 60 of The Bouquet Toss Podcast is all about wedding hair, featuring fabulous advice from celeb hairstylist Joseph Maine!

Episode 60: Wedding Day Hair with Joseph Maine
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Wedding Day Hair Trends and Tricks, and How to Start Your Pre-Wedding Hair Care Routine

This week we are discussing wedding hair trends. To anyone out there feeling stressed about how to decide what look they want, how to achieve it once they’ve made that decision, AND make it last all day, we feel you and are here to support.

We are so excited to have Joseph Maine celebrity hairstylist, with us today to discuss all things trends, tips, and tricks when it comes to wedding hair! Learn how to start your own pre-wedding hair care routine with his fabulous tips and recommendations.

About Joseph Maine

Joseph Maine is the Artistic Director of Color Wow, Trademark Beauty’s Brand Founder, and a celebrity, editorial, and bridal stylist, with celeb clients including Ashley Benson, Sophia Bush, and Kate McKinnon, to name a few.

The Bouquet Toss Podcast Joseph Maine Wedding Hair Episode

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The Bouquet Toss Podcast Joseph Maine Wedding Hair Episode

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